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When it comes to purchasing part worn tyres, you know that getting the very best in quality is crucial; second hand products are invariably hard to predict the quality of, which is why you always want to ensure you buy from the right places. Our part worn tyres are all well made and carefully looked after, and we take great care to ensure they come from the best sources available anywhere.

G Tyres are a market leader in this whole field. We have made it our business to sell part worn tyres to all our customers for the last twenty years and more since we were established. This has given us a lot of time to gain experience in dealing with customers and also with other businesses over the years; it’s also made it easy for us to quickly help you determine what tyres you may specifically need.

Not only that, but we always ensure our products are the very best price in the market. No one wants to buy second hand tyres at serious expense; the quality must be matched by the ability to buy them in large quantities. With G tyres, you are guaranteed of exceptionally competitive prices, no matter what brand of car you own or what kind of tyres you need, large or small, built for land rovers or Mercedes cars, and so on.

Moreover, we offer both summer and winter tyres all year round; so whenever you need second hand tyres at really good prices, all you need do is contact us via email or phone and we will do everything in our power to make sure you get what you need.

Why Choose Us

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Worldwide Tyre Shipment

At G tyres, it doesn’t matter where you live; you’ll be able to get part worn tyres from us. At any time of year, we will ship whatever order size you make to your country of choice. Our business is truly international; wherever you live, wherever your business is based, you’ll get the same quality of service.

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All Year Round Availability

With G tyres, you can make as small or large an order of part worn tyres as you want at any time, be it Christmas, the middle of a scorching summer, a wet autumn or a busy spring. At any time of year you need them, we can provide you with top quality part worn tyres.

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Established Since 2007

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Best Price Guarantee

At G tyres, we don’t overcharge our customers or clients. We take their needs as seriously as our own. To all of our clientele we offer the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere. No matter how big or complex your order of part worn tyres is, you’ll always get them at the best and most affordable prices.